Advanced Dental Technology – Scottsdale, AZ

We Invest in the Latest, Most Accurate Dental Technology

Doctor Raiffe looking at digital models of the jaw using advanced dental technology in Scottsdale

Our patients appreciate how much we invest in their quality of dental care. One of the ways we actionably do this is by equipping our Scottsdale dental office with the highest quality, latest dental technology available to us, like our soft tissue laser, CEREC in-house milling machine, and more. These instruments help us make each of your treatments and checkups more streamlined and accurate, ensuring that no stone goes left unturned when it comes to keeping your health on the right track.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam scanner against white wall

Our cone beam CT scanner is an impressive instrument that’s able to capture a 3D blueprint of the entire facial structure, allowing Dr. Raiffe to see the location of the facial nerves, density of the jawbone, and positioning of the sinuses. These images are an excellent resource when it comes to planning dental implant treatment, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, and other more extensive procedures.

Digital Dental Impressions

Doctor Raiffe pointing to digital impressions of teeth on computer monitor

Gone are the days when we take impressions using gag-inducing putty! Instead, we streamline and digitize this process with our digital impression system. In only a few minutes, we can wave a wand around your mouth to create a digital detailed blueprint of it. We can then send it off to our dental laboratory to craft an oral appliance, in-house milling machine to create a dental crown, or we can use it to monitor any changes to your smile.

CEREC In-House Milling

CEREC same day dental crown machine

Getting a dental crown or bridge is easier and more convenient than ever with our in-house milling machine and digital impression system. These devices allow us to drastically minimize the time it takes to restore a missing or damaged tooth by eliminating the need for a second appointment and a temporary. Additionally, because the crown will be designed and crafted by Dr. Raiffe and our experienced team in-house within an hour, its fit and appearance will be customized to perfectly match your surrounding teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser

Dentist holding a soft tissue laser device

Our Fotona laser does an amazing job at ensuring that no harmful bacteria linger within vulnerable areas of your mouth, like before we place a dental filling or to treat gum disease. In some treatments, like gum recontouring, it allows us to forego using a scalpel and sutures, all while minimizing bleeding and recovery times. Our soft tissue laser was an obvious addition to our dental practice because it’s able to create overall more comfortable and precise treatments for our patients.

The Wand

Dentist holding device that says single tooth anesthesia system

The Wand is a specially designed device that administers localized anesthesia to a single tooth, minimizing any collateral numbing that can be experienced when injecting anesthesia the traditional way. It’s designed to resemble a small pen and the tip of it has a hidden device that injects the anesthesia into the area of the mouth where it’s placed. Due to the discreet and hidden design, it’s excellent for patients who have a fear of needles or extreme dental anxiety.

Intraoral Camera

Dental team member holding white intraoral camera

Our intraoral camera has a similar pen-shaped design as The Wand, except it’s able to capture still images of hard-to-see areas of the mouth. Our team often uses this instrument when we want to provide patients with a visual resource to better understand the dental problem they’re facing and how our recommended treatment plan can address it. It also allows Dr. Raiffe and our hygienists to gain a more detailed view of areas of the mouth that are hard to see with the naked eye.