Tooth Extractions – Scottsdale, AZ

Removing Teeth as a Last Resort

Tooth in dental forceps after tooth extractions in Scottsdale

As a dentist with a holistic background, Dr. Raiffe never wants to remove patients’ teeth. Unfortunately, though, there are times when it is the only option. As a last resort, our team at Shea Dental of Scottsdale will recommend tooth extractions to avoid further harm to your overall health. We’ll also provide wisdom tooth extractions should your teenager need help to alleviate the pain forming in the back of their mouth. No matter the situation, you are encouraged to call us so that we can examine the problem area and make a recommendation that is in your best interest.

Why Choose Shea Dental of Scottsdale for Tooth Extractions?

  • Wisdom Tooth Extractions Available
  • High-Quality Tooth Replacement Options
  • We Welcome Your Dental Insurance

Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Illustrated impacted wisdom tooth pushing against back molar

It is never the initial recommendation of our team to remove one or more teeth. We always strive to look for ways that we can save a tooth, but certain situations will not allow for other forms of treatment. This is when tooth removal must occur if more serious infections are to be avoided.

The most common reasons we might recommend tooth extraction include:

  • You have a severely damaged tooth that cannot be saved with other restorative dentistry options, like dental crowns or root canal treatment.
  • You must undergo orthodontic treatment but have too many teeth in your mouth. For results to be successful, one or more teeth must be removed.
  • Your remaining teeth are showing signs of severe decay, and you’re already discussing the option of how to best replace your missing teeth with dentures.
  • Your teenager is suffering from wisdom tooth pain caused by impaction or inadequate space and needs their third molars removed.
  • You are in the advanced stages of periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and signs of bone and tooth loss are occurring.

The Process of Removing a Tooth

Dentist smiling at patient while taking notes on clipboard

There actually isn’t just one type of tooth extraction; there are two! The first is a simple extraction, which is used when the tooth that needs to be removed has broken through the gumline. In this case, we will numb your mouth thoroughly before gently rocking the tooth loose. When it’s ready, we’ll carefully remove it and take care of the extraction site.

The second is a surgical extraction, and it’s ideal for when the tooth is trapped underneath the gumline. Rest assured, the first step is the same: using a numbing agent to ensure you don’t feel anything in the treatment chair. Once you’re ready to begin, we will create a small incision in your gums so they can assess the tooth before carefully removing it.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Patient resting on couch at home

Following your procedure, there are a few things you need to do in order to heal properly and comfortably. That includes:

  • Not spitting, drinking through a straw, or smoking
  • Taking OTC pain medication as directed on the label
  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Using a cold compress in 10-minute intervals
  • Keeping your mouth clean
  • Sticking to soft foods, like scrambled eggs and soup

If you have a question about tooth extractions or you’re ready to schedule your emergency dental appointment, then the next step is simple: contact our Scottsdale dental team.