Preventive Dentistry – Scottsdale, AZ

Taking a Proactive Approach to Ensure Longer-Lasting Health

Doctor Raiffe brushing model of teeth during preventive dentistry checkup in Scottsdale

Dr. Raiffe and our team of dentists at Shea Dental of Scottsdale are advocates for preventive care. When problems can be avoided or detected early on, the chances of more serious oral and overall health issues decrease. As a dental practice that has been serving Scottsdale residents for more than three decades, our dental checkups and teeth cleanings, oral cancer screenings, custom-made nightguards, and other preventive dentistry services continue to make a difference in the lives of our patients. If you have yet to visit the dentist for a six-month checkup this year, call us to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Shea Dental of Scottsdale for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Focused on Whole-Body Health
  • Multiple Doctors on Staff with Various Specialties
  • Delivering 30+ Years of Excellent Service to Scottsdale

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Every six months, our team will perform a thorough dental checkup and teeth cleaning to minimize the potential for tooth decay and gum disease. These two common oral health problems can have negative effects on both the mouth and body if left untreated. By removing accumulated plaque and tartar and examining your teeth, gums, and other soft oral tissues, we can ensure the health of your smile year after year.

Oral Cancer Screening

Close up of dental mirror in mouth

With more than 50,000 people diagnosed each year, oral cancer can easily remain undetected if appropriate screenings are not performed. This is why at Shea Dental of Scottsdale, we incorporate a full oral cancer screening during regular dental checkups. By closely examining your oral tissues and facial structure, we can determine if any abnormalities exist (i.e., lumps, lesions, etc.). If they do, we will recommend that you undergo further testing by a local physician to catch the cancer in its earliest stages.

Gum Disease Treatment

Close up of person pointing to red spot in their gums

Bleeding gums are not something that should be neglected. Without timely care, the infection can cause bone and tooth loss but also enter the bloodstream and cause problems to form throughout the body, such as diabetes, negative cognitive function, and even cardiovascular disease. With gum disease treatment, though, our dentists can use scaling and root planing to stop the spread of bacteria and improve overall gum health.

TMJ Treatment

Doctor Raiffe looking at digital models of the jaw on computer monitor

Chronic jaw pain can be debilitating, affecting more than just your jaw but also your neck, shoulders, and head. Frequent headaches and the inability to open and close your mouth can make daily life challenging. At Shea Dental of Scottsdale, we want to stop the pain with the help of TMJ treatments like equilibration and customized occlusal splints. Designed to improve alignment and oral function, you can begin to embrace a better quality of life.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Hand holding a white nightguard

Teeth grinding and clenching are known to occur as a result of stress. However, improper bite alignment can also be a culprit. No matter the reason for this common problem, bruxism can be remedied with the help of a customized nightguard. Fabricated to fit comfortably while being worn at night, the device serves as a barrier between the upper and lower arches of teeth, preventing them from touching and further damaging enamel.

Holistic Dentisty

closeup of man smiling while sitting in treatment chair

Shea Dental of Scottsdale operates under the principle that oral health directly impacts overall well-being. We prioritize a conservative approach, opting for the safest and least toxic methods to achieve our patients' objectives. Additionally, we prioritize the use of universally biocompatible dental materials.

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