Root Canal Treatment – Scottsdale, AZ

Let Us Help Save Your Smile

Dentist and assistant performing root canal treatment in Scottsdale

An infection that forms in the innermost layer of a tooth – the pulp – can cause significant pain. Without proper or timely care, it can result in tooth loss and even an abscess. Keeping your natural teeth in place is what we believe is best at Shea Dental of Scottsdale, which is why we provide root canal treatment in Scottsdale. Treating the area and removing the affected pulp not only saves the tooth from extraction but also improves your overall health and well-being. Contact our dental office if you suspect you may be suffering from an infected tooth.

Why Choose Shea Dental of Scottsdale for Root Canal Treatment?

  • The Wand™ Used for More Comfortable Delivery of Anesthesia
  • Customized Dental Crowns for Post-Root Canal Placement
  • Improving Smiles & Patients’ Well-Being for 30+ Years

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning inside of a tooth during root canal treatment

A root canal requires that our team take several steps to ensure successful results. Once local anesthesia is administered with the help of The Wand™, areas of your mouth will begin to feel numb. A dental dam is then put into place to separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth. After making a small opening in the top of the crown, our dentists will begin to clear out any infected areas, remove the pulp, and clean nearby canals. Using a biocompatible solution to fill the tooth and create a tight seal, impressions will be taken for the fabrication of a custom dental crown, which will be put into place.